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-Without company culture, you don’t have anything. Trust me on this one. I ran my businesses before with no company culture, no core values. It’s not something I’m proud of. Costs me lots and lots of money. I left tons of money on the table. 

Core values are something that you MUST develop. If you’re going to grow a company of any size, the MOST important thing is core values. Is it something to manage by.  When you have proper core values, you no longer have to manage people based on feelings or numbers. It’s really-once you get buy-in on the core values- it’s easy to help your team track properly in the right direction based on them. So I’ll give you an example. Our core values are actually on the wall and they’re Growth, Integrity, Velocity, and Excellence. The great thing about that is that I actually can coach my team based on that. 

So like growth, for instance, if I have someone that’s stagnant and they’re not growing and becoming more than they are, then I can simply take them to the wall and say, 

“Hey, remember when we, when I hired you, you know, like, let’s talk about this for a second, man. Do you really feel like you’ve really been, become more than you are in the past six months? Or do you feel like you’re getting a little stagnant?”  

“Ah, DJ, I’m getting a little stagnant.”

“What’s going on, man?” 

So now I’m not coming to them and be like, “Hey, you haven’t grown in six months. Get out.” Like it doesn’t work. 

You, can guide your people based on the core values.

Integrity, right? You see someone’s lying to you or they’re stretching the truth. You can go and talk about that and talk about the integrity and how everyone buys into it. 

So you have to develop your own core values. No-don’t use mine-growth, integrity, velocity, excellence. You know, those are my core values. I live by them. The company lives by them. Everyone that’s here has bought in to those. Develop those in your business and that will be the foundation. That’s why they’re so very important! When you develop these core values, it’s what you can run the company by. It’s what everyone buys into. And it is the start of your company culture. And without company culture, you don’t have anything. Trust me on this one. I ran my businesses before with no company culture, no core values. It’s not something I’m proud of. It cost, me lots and lots of money. And I left tons of money on the table. We had a ridiculous amount of turnover. 

Now, you know, I’ve got a tighter knit team than I ever have. And it’s truly because I believe that our company culture is tight. People want to be here. They don’t hate their job. And we live through our core values. So if that’s something you don’t have in your company, then that’s something that I would highly encourage you to spend some time this weekend, working on that. If you were working in a company and you don’t have core values, you know, maybe talk to the owners or if you’re looking for a change, we’re always looking for new all-stars as well, so. Core values are something that’s super important. It’s the foundation of company culture. And without it, you will struggle, simply put. 

So here’s to your success. 

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