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– Oftentimes when people are depressed or if they’re in a negative mindset, you know, they have this, well, it can’t be done or I can’t do it, or, you know, that’s impossible. Those, are the things that you have to switch in your brain. A mind cannot attract positive thoughts when it’s stuck in a negative rut. You have to reprogram your mind to think positively before the universe will deliver positive things to you. I truly believe that. And so today I’m gonna give you a couple of things you can do to help reprogram your mind. 

Oftentimes,  when people are in really bad positions, maybe they’re suicidal, they’re having suicidal thoughts, they’re depressed, those types of people, you know? It can be hard for them to even get up and take a shower in the morning, right? Like, that’s something to celebrate if you’re at a low point in your life. And the reason why I tell you this is sometimes we get so stuck in a rut that we kind of like self-perpetuate the suffrage. And so if you’re thinking of something’s negative then the next thing is negative and the next thing is negative. 

My good friend, Frank Besednjak, The Real Frank, you guys may know him-I want to share with you guys something he told me the other day. He said you know, words are really, really important when it comes to reprogramming your mind. And not only the words that you speak, but the words that are spoken to you and how you internalize those. He said, imagine if you find out, you know, you go to your doctors office you sit down and they say, hey you’ve got a disease, a very rare disease, and the good news is there is a procedure that we can do. And so, the procedure when we do this, it works, you know it’s got a 90% effective rate. Would you like to do the procedure? Because if you don’t do the procedure at the 90% effective rate, you really only have about three months to live. So people are like, uh, yeah I’m doing, it man, like I got to live, right? So same scenario, if you go to that same doctor, same disease. You only have, you know three weeks to live, three months to live, you guys pick the numbers. But the point here is the doctor says you know, one out of every 10 people die on the operating table. Still a 90% success rate, right. But, if I tell you one out of every 10 people(so nine people make it one person dies on the operating table) versus 90% success rate, 90% of the procedures go perfectly well. It’s just the different words and the way that your brain picks them up. 

That happens to us in everyday life, the way that we process information-the information that’s fed to us. It really goes down into the deepest parts of our mind which gets us in our fight or flight mode. And often times when people are depressed or if they’re in a negative mindset, you know they have this “Well, it can’t be done.” or “I can’t do it.” or “That’s impossible”.  Those, are things that you have to switch in your brain. You have to ask yourself, if the worst case scenario is really the worse case. 

You know, when I started my first business mowing grass, my senior year of high school, my guidance counselor, my chemistry teacher (I was going to be a chemical engineer)  they both sat me down, they said “DJ, what are you doing? You’re a smart kid like you’re just going to mow grass for the rest of you’re life?” I said, 

“No I’m going to start a business. I’m going to build a business and have awesome team members and grow a company.” 

They couldn’t see that, they were trying to feed negativity into my life.  Now, I don’t hold them 100% responsible, they’ve got goals and things-send enough kids to college. But, my point is, for me, I couldn’t let that negativity affect me. I couldn’t let that self doubt creep into me and ruin my goals. And also just kept thinking to myself, is the worse case scenario really the worst case? Meaning that, if I try to start this lawn care business and if my chemistry teacher was right and the guidance counselor was right-and I really didn’t make it, it didn’t work-I failed miserably…was it really the worst case scenario? And I thought to myself, well, what are they trying to get me to do? They’re trying to get me to go to college right now, right. I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty sure, that if my business fails, I could still go to college. It wasn’t this like, all or nothing. It wasn’t well, you could only do this, or you could only do this. And often times, a negative mindset will pigeon hole you, into a place were it’s like, it’s a if then, like, well if I only, I pick this thing, well then I can’t possibly have this. You know I always say, why choose when you can have both? The risk doesn’t necessarily have to be there. Just because your conversational reality creates these things that may not necessarily be true. 

I’ll see this when I go into work in offices, Ah you know, don’t talk to Dave, Dave’s a liar. He’s a liar, does he like lie all the time? Well, not all the time, But there was this one time that you know, we kinda caught him up in a lie. Okay, you guys caught him up in any other lies? No, no it was just that one time. Okay. Well he was brand new I think he was trying to show off. Okay, so know the conversational reality is that, Dave’s a liar, when really Dave just kind of stretched the truth, one time when he was brand new. Trying to show off, for the new people in the office. So be careful with your conversational realities, because that also can program your mind to be in a negative track. Which is not a good place to be. 

And, as always, if you’re having suicidal thoughts or if your having really bad negative thoughts, please reach out to us. Go to, send us an email, give us a phone call. We want to help you make sure that, life is definitely worth living. And use these tools and these tactics that I’ve shared to help get you out of that negative mindset. To get you out of that rut. And find those things, that really turn your lights on. What energize you, what fires you up? Go chase those, spend your time doing that. And that will help you also pull yourself, out of a negative rut. 

Here’s to your success.

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