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How John D. Rockefeller Multiplied His Time

-Hey, it’s Coach Carroll. Hope you’re doing well. John D. Rockefeller was one of the greatest businessmen to ever live in the United States of America or in the world. Today I want to talk to you about how John D Rockefeller multiplied his time. We’re talking about one of-if not the wealthiest individuals- to ever walk the earth, maybe aside from like King Solomon and some Pharaoh back in the day. But you know, modern times-post the 19 hundreds- this dude was oil wealthy. Like he coined that term oil wealthy. Standard oil was a huge company.

Listen, it’s no secret that when you get into the hustle and bustle of being a business owner, a sales person, or just living out your daily life, you have to prioritize and decide how you can multiply your time in order to reap the reward of it. So here’s how John D Rockefeller did it.

1. First and foremost, he hired really smart people.

The people that he had working for him were not bozos. They were people that he could employ and empower, and then they would just take the bull by the horns and manage the project or the task at hand that he assigned them. So hiring some A-players for your team is one of the fastest ways to start multiplying your time.

2. John D Rockefeller had an assistant just like most CEOs do.

I currently have an assistant now, and I’ll tell you, this was hella scary. About three months ago, I turned over managing all of my email and my calendar and like booking travel and things like that. And so like, we’re connected on WhatsApp and we’ll just kind of use that as like a walkie-talkie to talk back and forth throughout the day.

Those were two big ways that John D Rockefeller multiplied his time- by hiring A-players, smart people that he could just, you know, set them up for success and let them go. And then also having an assistants that would manage things for him. You know, he had estate assistants, like people that were just in charge of his estates that you know, would see to the groundskeepers and things like that. He had personal assistants to help him, professional assistants to help him. That’s how you multiply your time.

You’ve got to multiply your team to multiply your time.

Here’s to your success.

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