Voicemail Trick that will ALWAYS Get You a Call Back!

What’s the best way to leave a voicemail when your prospect doesn’t answer? 

Hey, I’m coach Carroll and today, I’m going to be teaching you guys a little something straight out of my book, Phenomenal Phone Calls. I wrote this book a couple of years ago, and we actually give them away for free now. If you haven’t got your copy, you can get yours at phenomenalphonecalls.com, you just pay shipping & handling. So, I ship it out to you for free. It’s awesome. I’m dyslexic, so it’s got some cool pictures and stuff in it as well. 

But today I’m going to be talking to you specifically out of my chapter in here that goes into details about voicemails and how to leave the perfect voicemail. You want to leave a voicemail that’s not going to be ignored, right? That’s the whole point of leaving that voicemail, is that you want to enact this sense of curiosity so that the person will call you back. I’m going teach you exactly how to do that. I promise you it’s way simpler than what you’re thinking of. Is simpler a word? It’s more simple than what you might think. How about that? Let’s hop into this about the voicemails. 

What’s the best way to leave the voicemails? Now I’ve heard people, you know, try to be slick and be like, “Hey Mike, it’s DJ over your ABC supply company. Hey, look, I followed up with you a couple of times. Just called to leave you a voicemail. No rush, man. Get back to me whenever you can. Here’s my cell phone number. Here’s my office number. And here’s my email. Just contact me.” 

Like dude, really? No one’s listening to that. It’s 2020. Nobody even wants to listen to a voicemail period anymore. Let alone a three-minute voicemail. But, if you do opt to leave the voicemail, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it and do it in a way that will guarantee a callback every single time. 

Now let’s talk about a tactic that you could use other than leaving a voicemail first though, because there is something that you could do that would be a little more efficient and that’s a text message. Everyone texts. I understand that was a cop out 10 years ago when you’re like, all right, man, I don’t want to, well, maybe the customer doesn’t text message, or maybe they get charged extra money if you text them. That doesn’t happen -everybody has free text messages now. Everybody texts. My 73 year old grandmother texts me. Okay? So if MoMo is sending some texts, you can send some texts. Okay. And that is what I would prefer you to do in the sales process is rather than going out and leaving voicemails, I’d rather you just hang up the phone and send a text message. Now, what if you can’t send a text message, right? What if it’s an office number? All right, now we’ve got to leave the voicemail. 

But please…

Dear baby, Jesus…

DON’T leave this long text message like I’ve heard so many people leave because you just gave them all the information. There is no curiosity. They know exactly who the hell you are and what you’re trying to sell them. 

So here’s the trick. You leave your name and your phone number only. I know. I know. I know. I know.  You just watched this three minute video and that’s what I’m telling you, but it’s the truth. It’s what works the best. If you say the prospect’s name and then you leave your name and I’ll read you straight out of the book here:

  •  client’s name
  •  your first name, 
  • call me when you can 
  • phone number, that’s, repeat phone number 
  • then hang up

So I’m going to say Rick, it’s DJ Carroll. Call me when you can, 502-525-1234, 502-525-1234. Thanks. Because now Rick is going to say who the hell is DJ Carol? All right. I guess I’ll call him back. I don’t know. 

See, because I’ve got this curiosity in there. Now he’s going to call to figure it out. Now within the first couple seconds he might hang back up on me when he does call me, but I’m going to get a call back because I’ve enacted the sense of curiosity. There’s a Harvard study that said, if you can enact or secure the senses of curiosity, anticipation, suspicion, and consistency, you’ll see an increase of memory by up to 30%. So I’m trying to be more memorable to my clients and to my prospects. I do that by enacting those senses and curiosity is one of the best things that you can use as a salesperson. 

Hustle, it’s worth it!

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