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What’s up guys, it’s coach. Hope you’re doing well.  It was about 11 years ago around this time that I decided that I was going to start my own grass cutting business, and make a little side cash. Little did I know that that business wasn’t even a business at the time. It was just a little side hustle. Little did I know that that business would change the direction of my life forever. 

Most of you know my story. I would later go on to turn down scholarships, not be a chemical engineer, not go to college. I went to community college for three semesters before dropping out and really started the path and the journey for me to learn how to sell, how to persuade people, how to interact with people, how to talk to people. I’ve always been very extroverted. I’ve always been comfortable talking to people, but it wasn’t until I got strategic with that. Really focused and dialed in on the tactical side of sales that my business started to pick up. 

Early on, I was just hustling for money, man. You know, I would lower my price. I would take concessions. I would pretty much do whatever I had to do to get the client to say yes. But by learning the proper way to sell, by understanding the sales process, to understand how the find the struggle that the client or the prospect is going through, find that pain point. And then out of that, discovering where the opportunity is for me to provide a solution and then move into the close. I was able to grow my $300 startup to over 3 million in sales. I want to share with you guys today exactly how to do that. 

So, I call this the SOSC method. The S O S C method stands for Struggle, Opportunity, Solution, and Close. So, the struggle is the pain that your client or your prospect is going through, right? You have to figure out what it is that is causing them an issue. A lot of times, if you can sell based on time or money, then you’re going to be able to get through or break through the noise a lot easier. Now, my guys in the contracting industry, a lot of times you have to sell based on like that, that pain point of them not wanting to do something or maybe it’s discomfort, right? Maybe you do HVAC stuff and it’s discomfort, security, safety. These things that us as human beings attach a value to, right? Like humans care about being safe. Humans care about being comfortable. If you can find the struggle, the true underlying issue-not just what your prospect tells you. A lot of times your prospect is going to give you some bullsh*t you know, made up front that isn’t truly what they’re going through. Isn’t truly what they’re worried about. But if you can figure out what the underlying seed deep down inside, what is that struggle that they’re having an issue with, the challenge that they’re facing. If you can find that and uncover it, then you can implement your service, your product, your offering your idea into the form of an opportunity. 

So the opportunity is going to say, look, you know, you’re having an issue, a challenge, a struggle. I really think there’s an opportunity to solve this. And so you move you and, and again, guys, this isn’t like, step one, step two, step three, step four. This has to be a fluid process. You have to go from their struggle to identifying the opportunity and you have to make them identify the opportunity and then be okay with that. Like, yes, I believe that there is an opportunity here to fix this. So like a lot of times with us when we’re selling through my ad agency, my ad company-when we’re selling ads to companies, we tell them look, it’s time, right? You want to make more money. You don’t have the time to do it. There’s an opportunity to fix that. It’s called Facebook advertising. It’s called Instagram advertising. It’s called Snapchat advertising. And we’re the solution to do that. And then I give them two to three main benefits of using us as a solution, right? You’re going to get monthly reports. You don’t have to do anything. It’s a short video. We’re going to automate everything and handle everything for you. I just need X, Y, and Z from you upfront. And then we’re going to handle everything from there.  You don’t need to invest in any time. And then you got to move to the close. 

The number one challenge most of you are struggling with is you just don’t ask for the sale. You make your pitch. And then you’re waiting for the customer to go, “Oh yeah, I’ll take it.”

 You have to say, “Hey George, does everything that we just talked about sound fantastic?”

” Yes, it does.”

 “Fantastic. I can send that contract over. Can you get that back to me today?”

 You have to ask for that close because a lot of you will find that struggle, you’ll find the opportunity, you’ll present your solution, but then you never ask them to sign on the line. You never ask them to give you the business. 

Hustle. It’s worth it.


Here’s to your success

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