Supersize Your Enthusiasm//What Working at McDonald’s Taught Me

Welcome to McDonald’s, where we’re ba da ba ba bah, loving it! Home with the Big Mac. How can I help you? I remember the manager came on the headset and they’re like, “DJ.” 

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Coach. Hope you’re doing well. Happy Sunday to ya. Not sure when you’re watching this, but it’s Sunday when I’m recording it.  Sundays, I take as a day of kind of relaxation, unwinding. Tori and I normally take the Slingshot out and do a road trip or something, but the mornings are pretty quiet. Had some coffee, sittin’ out here on the balcony reflecting a little bit, played the guitar for a little bit this morning. And it came to my mind-I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you that my first job was actually working at McDonald’s. It’s probably why my vision and the way that I look at things is so different than popular opinion. 

I’ll tell you a funny story.  I remember when I very first started, I only worked there for a few weeks, maybe like four or five weeks.  I realized like, I’ve got to go, man, got to get to the next level. But, I was a sophomore in high school. I was like 15, maybe. And they put me in the back drive-through and so I was in charge of like, taking people’s orders. So when people would pull up to the drive-thru, I would be the one that would say, you know, “Hey, welcome to McDonald’s. Can I help you?” You know, now if you go to a drive-thru, they’re just like, what can I get ya? Right? Like there’s no, there’s no customer service. There’s no enthusiasm whatsoever. And I really believe that it’s by design.  So I’m working this back drive-thru, right? I smell like french fry grease, got acne at the time, right? The job’s only adding to it. And I remember being on the headset and I said, you know, “Welcome to McDonald’s where we’re ba da ba ba bah, loving it, home with the big Mac, how can I help you?” And the people were loving it! They were cracking up, right? Like these people were laughing. They’re like, “Oh my gosh, that’s awesome. You’re the friendliest person I’ve ever seen.” I even asked ’em like, “Would you like to supersize that order?” So much enthusiasm! I remember the manager came on the headset. They’re like, “DJ, we need you to tone it down some, um, can you just, just say welcome to McDonald’s. How can I help you?” 

And I remember thinking to myself, why? Why would you tell an employee to tone their enthusiasm down? And it really just goes to show you that the majority of businesses, society that we live in, really wants you to dial back your enthusiasm. And if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a small business owner, you have to be on fire. You have to lead the enthusiasm march, especially if you have team members. And as I was sitting out here on the balcony, I was just thinking about it. I’m like, wow, man. So crazy!  15, I’m 30 now, it was 15 years ago and I just still haven’t conformed. I still try to just live every day with maximum enthusiasm, make other people smile and bring happiness to the world. I really don’t think that there’s a loud enough message out there about that, right? So I’m going to challenge you as an entrepreneur to bring enthusiasm, to bring positivity to the world, and especially on social media.  

You may or may not be using social media for your business.  I would encourage you to use it because  I’m presenting in Detroit here in a couple of weeks, I guess about a month out now at the ROI Marketing Live Workshop. And I’m releasing my new program called Social Assisted Selling. It really talks about how to run Facebook ads and using things like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat filters, along with all of your original sales tactics, right? Like cold calling and networking, all those old school, offline principles. They’re still very valuable in the business, right? In any business that you’re in, it’s very valuable, to still use old school business practices. What I encourage people to do is to supersize that by using social media, right? Allow social media to do that. 

For instance, maybe before you reach out to a cold call, maybe add them on LinkedIn and send them a little message and try to set up a call through there, right? Maybe a little five minute call. It’s, its now a little warmer of a touch because they have some information that they can read up on you before taking the call. Look, we live in a super, super busy world, right? And so as an entrepreneur, you know, whether you’re an Insurance Agent or a Real Estate Agent, in the Professional Services sector, or if you’re in the Blue Collar Service sector, in a home service business, construction, HVAC, stuff like that, it doesn’t change, right? A service business is a service business. And you have to try to find everything that you can do to put you head and shoulders above the competition, right? Especially right now with labor markets tightening up, the economy is killing it, right? Like finding work, finding new clients is not difficult. It’s making sure you have a team to be able to service those clients. So when you sell that job, it’s making sure that you’re leaps and bounds ahead. And you can do that by using Social Selling. 

So, lead with enthusiasm man-in your videos, in your posts, all that stuff, LEAD WITH ENTHUSIASM! Positivity will always win. Always, you know, doing the right thing will always be doing the right thing. And I’m just fired up!

Here’s to your success.

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