Follow Up Like a BOSS!

Failing to follow up will be followed by failing.

You must remember that 80% of sales are made only after five to 12 points of contact. Now, that could be a number of things, but not limited to phone calls, face-to-face appointments, emails, social media contacts, mailings, networking, and even ringless voicemails. Whatever the contact may be you have to hit the prospect five to twelve times. Be a machine about it. Don’t think, just do it. Once you understand that it’s time to work on your database.

Hands down this is the biggest regret that I have as it pertains to my startups. I didn’t keep clear, clean database records out the gate, which means years later, I wouldn’t be able to go back and touch my old clients that had already spent money with us. I literally left tens of thousands of dollars on the table. Even more of a reason to be systematized. We’ll talk about that in a later video. Here are three additional items of information I want you to collect from all prospects. Number one, family info. Spouse, kids, pets, right. Number two, occupation. This will help you identify their personality style as well as talk around things that they speak about every single day. Lastly, is hobbies and interests. What do they want to do when they aren’t working? You can use these to deploy unique marketing pieces that really grab attention and directly relate to them. Lastly, you must profile. It sounds so negative, but it really isn’t.

Simply put, profiling will help you save time on the people that don’t really matter in your business. You know, the old 80/20 rule. You know, 80% of your money will be made off of 20% of your efforts. 80% of your income comes from 20% of your database. Profiling allows you to identify exactly who your target prospect or your target customer is. With those tools, you’ll be able to follow up like a boss and make more money. Here’s to your success.



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