Utilizing Video for Social Media

Facebook ads are all the craze right now and rightfully so...

My company, Carroll Media manages dozens of accounts for businesses and one thing that has come to the top of my attention over the past 12 months is this right here, video. Video hands down is the best creative you can run on the Facebook and Instagram advertising platform but you aren’t swimming alone. It’s going to take some special sauce to make it to the top.

In fact, video is at the forefront of Facebook’s vision for the future of the platform. In 2014, Zuck said, “in five years, most of Facebook will be video.” Fast forward to 2021. Here we are. With all the talk about video, one other big names should be coming to mind, YouTube. YouTube has over a billion users. Yes, I said billion with a B, almost one third of all people on the internet. Every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube and generate billions of views for the platform but what’s better than watching a video? Watching it live or the perception of so.

Now is the time to brand your business with you and what better way to do that than flipping on the camera, putting it in selfie mode and going behind the scenes with you? If you’re afraid of being on camera, listen, you gotta get over it. I had to. It takes work, it takes time, it takes practice but most importantly, you have to start. My first videos are horrendous. Don’t believe me, go check out my YouTube channel and watch the new ones versus the old ones. The content is still the same great content but for some reason, I had this media voice that I spoke through which made the camera a thing. It was like the switch flipped when I stopped talking to the camera and started talking to you, the reader, the viewer. It wasn’t, hey guys, it’s Coach Carroll, how you doing today? It’s me just in my normal habitat.

The great thing about the new updates on Facebook is the ability to go live on your page and then turn that live video into an ad. More than likely, you’re here because of the social experiment I used alongside this blog post. I went live talking about this post and then boosted it through demographic targeting. This is the new age of marketing. If you aren’t utilizing it, you should be because that old saying of a curtain call could very well happen to your business.

I believe in you. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know. Here’s to your success!



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