How to Overcome Fear

So you've got this crazy idea. It could be the next big thing.

You’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship. But then this is about the time that the fear pays a visit. Will this crazy ideal work? Can you pull it off? Can you take the leap of faith and quit your nine to five? And in the midst of all the questions, you hesitate. Fear does one thing and one thing only, it paralyzes. It stops us in our tracks and prevents us from moving forward. Most people jump ship right here in this moment. They can’t get past the fear of failure. But what if you could? Check out these three steps for overcoming your fear and seizing hold of your opportunity.


You must face your fears. Head on eyes, locked, laser focused, unwilling to back down. It’s okay to be afraid, but you gotta deal with it and move on. Know what you can and cannot do. Build your team and learn the art of delegation. Build on your strengths and keep moving forward. Fear is simply a state of mind and you have to shift your perspective. Instead of focusing on the fear, shift your focus on what you can do.


Being successful as an entrepreneur means that you pack that crazy idea up and you put the feet to the ground. Get out of your house, man, make it a reality. Getting started is half the battle of overcoming your fears. Getting started requires action. Always say, action takers are the moneymakers. Write it down in your journal. And it’s true. You could spend hours, days, weeks, months, years dreaming, but never taking action. Your crazy idea, and your dreams will remain just that if you don’t take the necessary steps.


Everything feels scary in the beginning. You’ve quit your job on the hopes that the ideal will work, and you’re not sure if it will. Try to focus on what you’re building. Empires are not built in a day. You must be patient and trust the process. Be resolute. What’s the Marcus Aurelius, you gotta be like him. Make a plan and work the plan. Set timelines and goals in place and stick to them. Be accountable to yourself, and remember, don’t ever give up. It will set you apart from the others. You can’t lose if you never give up. Lastly, let me just add that an idea isn’t great until it cash flows. I truly believe this. Most entrepreneurs, they get this big idea and they go out and they wanna start this business. But the challenge is they haven’t done a feasibility study yet to understand if it will actually cash flow. The last thing you wanna do is take a hobby or something that’s really, really exciting to you and try to make a business out of it and then go broke doing it. Because now not only are you broke, but you also like just absolutely hate the hobby that you thought was your new business idea.

I believe in you. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know. Here’s to your success!



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