Success is a Progression Act

Success is a Progression Act

So what if I told you that you were never going to obtain success? How many of you would pack it up and throw in the towel? I mean success is what we seek after, right? We want to see ourselves as a success, maybe even be a success in the eyes of others, whatever the case may be, it is something we all strive after. Before you go scouring the internet for a new job, hear me out on this. What if success wasn’t meant to be obtained but was something you become?

Obtain means to get, acquire, or secure. Become means to begin to be.

To me it makes much more sense to chase the idea of becoming a success rather than trying to obtain success. I love the idea that the definition of become leaves us the option to “fill in the blank” with whatever we want…

Begin to be a ________________________.

I did a post about this on IG a while back and the idea continues to intrigue me. You can be whatever you want to be. And as long as you are consistently growing, evolving, and learning you will become what it is that you desire. Everyone has a different definition for success. If you polled people on the street, I am sure you would get a variety of answers. The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.

There are no set standards for success. I can tell you one thing…it’s not about money or possessions. Those things just satisfy our egos and bring us pleasure. I think it’s the moments of “becoming” that define our success. That’s why I believe that success is something you never obtain, but something you progressively become. When you think about progressing, it should involve growth, development, moving forward-things we should always be doing.

Becoming the leader you want to be…

Becoming the mom, dad, brother, sister you want to be…

Becoming a powerhouse in your market…

Becoming a goal-setter…

The beauty of this thought process is that if you are constantly progressing toward success then you are changing and evolving…GROWING as you go. You won’t have to worry about becoming stagnant or stale or beating your head against the wall.

We will all wear success differently. Don’t measure your success against someone else’s. You are not trying to become them. You are trying to become you. So here’s to you BECOMING successful and all the growth that comes along the way.

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