Fluid Money

Remember as a kid when you would get a little bit of money? I don’t know if you were like me, but when I had cash it seemed to burn a hold in my pocket as a kid. I can remember my parents, and even teachers telling me to not spend my money and to try to save it. We’re told to save for those game systems, that car, for college…that’s a great lesson to be learned, and I am not anti-saving, but I do believe that money needs to be fluid. What does that mean, you ask? Let’s explore it.

Money should be fluid. It is meant to keep moving. Business is always moving, so your money has to always be moving too. What happens when your money just sits in the bank? Well…it sits. I know, I know, it earns interest blah, blah, blah. But what if your money made moves- moves that propelled you to that next level you’re striving for?

Think of your money as a constant flow. It comes in and goes out (consistently of course!) because you move it where it needs to go. But, you have to make money moves that matter. One time, I bought a couple of cars at auction thinking I would make a quick $500 bucks or so. My quick $500 bucks turned into a headache of trying to meet up with people (on a weekend by the way), my property management saying the cars had to be moved…and me in a truck hoping the next prospect would actually show up. Not a smart money move. I could have made more than $500 dollars in one day washing a couple of houses. You have to factor in your loss of money and your loss of time. Your time is money. If you are wasting time, you are wasting money. Not every quick buck is a smart money move.

Money moves need to be big, they need to be smart, and they need to fluid. Your money is performing best when it is moving. Think about how rivers flow. They flow best when they are unblocked and unhindered by little hang ups. You wanna make big money moves? You want your business to explode? Get outside of the box of old, traditional money methods and start making moves that matter. You’ve gotta think big…bigger than $500 or even $1000. Make your money work for you by keeping it fluid.

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