Leveling Up: The Three Levels of Entrepreneurship

Were any of you gamers (or maybe you still are, lol)? Gaming is all about getting to that next level, beating your opponent or the even bigger threat…time. Every level requiring something new from you, something you either have to earn or sometimes purchase, in order to achieve victory in the next leg of the journey.

It’s the same way in entrepreneurship. Some people go into entrepreneurship with the wrong mentality. They often think of end results, but not the work that it takes to get there. They see the freedom and the perks, but don’t understand the grind and the hustle. They don’t realize that it will take years to get where they want to be-and there’s gonna be a lot of ups and downs along the way.

If you are considering a journey in entrepreneurship, I want you to be aware of the main levels that you are going to have to conquer in order to make a go of it. I will begin by saying that you can’t bypass hard work. If you are allergic to hard work, go ahead and keep your 9–5, because you will never survive as an entrepreneur.

Level 1: The Grind

If you’ve been around the entrepreneur scene any at all, you may hear terms like “grind” and “hustle.” These are common terms used in this arena to describe what we do everyday. The “Grind” as we so fondly call it is the entry level. This is where you are working 80–90 hours per week. This is not forward-looking. This is head down, busting your ass, to get ahead of the curve and make sure the bills are paid. This is where you work so hard that you honestly think you might not be cut out for this. Then, you decide that you are and you can, so you just do it. I don’t think the grind ever really stops, but eventually you will be able to look up and see other streams of revenue.

Level 2: The Side-Hustle

When you have been grinding long enough that the money is coming in and you are ahead of the curve, then you begin to see other ventures (aka streams of revenue) that can help you build income. This could be starting a business, a side hustle-things that make you more money. I would venture to say that most entrepreneurs have multiple, MULTIPLE irons in the fire. Look for those opportunities and evaluate the risks and benefits of getting involved. Don’t let fear dictate what you do or do not do.

Level 3: Passive Income

Level 3 is the level where you really begin to see the payoffs of the grind and hustle. This is where you start buying businesses or real estate and begin setting up streams of passive income. Passive, as in, you don’t have to be active in it to reap the benefits of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can’t be completely absent from it, but passive income is meant to work for you-not the other way around.

Each level of entrepreneurship will require something more from you. There will be new obstacles and challenges that will arise. Each of those things will shape, mold, and prepare you for the next level. Personal and professional development, along with a lot of grit will be what gets you through to seeing the benefits of all your hard work.

The Hustle, the Grind, it’s all worth it to live your best life.

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