Make the Most of Your Time

Wanna know what the great equalizer is? Time…

Every person on this earth has the same amount of time in a day. It doesn’t matter who you are, we all work within the same 24 hours. My question to you is what are you doing with the 24 hours that you have been given?

What are the problems you face with time management? First off, lose the term management…let’s focus on utilizing your time. How can you make the most of the time you have?

Let me share with you some insights to help you utilize your time in the best way possible.

  1. When you encounter a problem throughout your day you need to isolate it and find the it’s root. Put out any fires that may have ignited, then put a system in place that addresses the problem so that the next time it arises, you know how to handle it. You should do this each time a new problem comes along. It’s how you build your business systems (and keep your sanity!)
  2. Increase your efficiency with systems. What are things that you do day in and day out that could be systematized or automated? The point of doing this is to buy yourself back time. If a system can do the job in less time than you can-then that should really be a no-brainer.
  3. Lastly, are you truly focused on the tasks at hand? Most people say they work 8 hours a day, but reality is they are not working ALL of those 8 hours. We easily lose focus and get distracted by the things that cross our path throughout the day. This all ties into disciplines. What do your disciplines look like? Discipline means doing the things that have to be done even when you don’t want to. In this journey, you will end up doing a lot of things that have to be done so that you can eventually do the things you want to do.

How much is your time worth to you? Take this formula into consideration:

What’s your perfect income?

Divide the perfect number and 2040

The number you end up with is the number that reflects what an hour of your time is worth. Use that as your motivation to utilize your time well.

As an entrepreneur, your greatest asset is time. Find ways to make the most of it by isolating problems, using efficient systems, and staying focused.

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