Keep a Calendar: Grow Your Time and Money

What’s the big deal about time? Does it really matter how you spend your day as long as you are “working?” Time is the most valuable thing that we have…what you do with it matters. One way to keep track of your time is to start using a calendar.

Keeping a calendar will help you be more efficient. One major problem for entrepreneurs is the lack of focus on time. They either think it doesn’t matter so they waste it or they get sucked into doing things that are not cash positive on the return of the time invested.

To go to the next level in business you have to have a calendar and get organized. Because of our creative nature, organization can be difficult for entrepreneurs. Organizing your calendar will be important to you both personally and in business. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but if you aren’t tracking where you spend your minutes-you are going to lose track of them.

Keeping a calendar keeps you accountable. If you are not scheduling out your day, you will become open to drifting through it. Drifting sets you up for being really unfocused and not achieving the things that you wanted to get done. And sometimes that means you have to cut people off because you understand the risk and reward of your time. No one else is worried about putting money in your pocket…but you should be. And time…is money.

Do you spend your time or do you invest it? You can always make more money. But if you keep a calendar you are accountable to yourself. You may not reach 100% efficiency-but you will see how much you accomplished each week and what areas you need to improve on.

Using a calendar should be a skill taught to everyone. Money and time amplifies things and allows you to experience life in a different way. Lose the term time management and focus on time utilization. You can’t manage time, but you can always utilize it.

Calendars give us clarity because we don’t have to remember everything — it’s right there in the palm of our hand.This allows are minds to be clear and focused. Calendars also allow you and your team to be more efficient-which makes you more money.

Going external and allowing people to schedule time with you will allow you to do more. You are only scratching the surface of what your potential is. Of all the things that you could be doing, what you are selecting to DO and put on your calendar is a small portion of what you could be doing.

How do you get started? Begin by putting your morning routines on your calendar. Don’t expect perfection, just start using it and continue to add things. You must be in control of your time. You can’t let others interject whenever they want. You have to stay on purpose to achieve your goals and dreams. Everyday you are not on purpose-you are drifting away from your goals

Know where you spend, where you invest, and where you waste your time and strive to improve it. Remember, time is the most valuable asset you have.

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