6 Steps to Achieve Purpose in Your Life

There are people in this world that as you’re climbing up the ladder of success, they’ll walk by and just kick it over for and giggles. They don’t want to see you succeed. They’re going to push that ladder of success over just because they’re envious of mankind. Achieving one’s life purpose is pretty important, right? Today, I’m going to instruct you on how to apply yourself to achieve your purpose in life. 

1. Write out your purpose on paper, sign it, and commit it to memory every day by affirmations or prayer. Again, no matter what your belief is, some of these things work, it’s just plain and simple.  Some of what I’m sharing with you today is out of my studies of Napoleon Hill. Several years ago, I actually told Andy, “I found these notes, I wrote this stuff in 2014.” 

Some people will tell me, they’re like, “Man, Coach, I don’t know what my purpose is.” My first question is how long have you spent looking for it? It’s not something that just shows up and rings the Ring doorbell and says, “Hello, I’m here, let me in.” You really have to spend some time, both in thought, prayer, and meditation, and think about what is it that you want to do with your life. That’s one of the greatest gifts that we have is free will and the ability to decide what our purpose is. 

2.  Write out a clear and definite plan or plans. It may take multiple plans, by which you’ll use to achieve your purpose.  Most importantly, put a timeline on it, but you also have to understand you gotta be flexible with that timeline. I’ll tell you guys a little story about that here in a second, but write out clear and definite plans or plans by which you’ll use to achieve your purpose. 

You know, having that purpose, having that thing that you want to do with your life, maybe it’s you want to save all the puppies in the world. You could do something as simple as saying, “Hey, all right, my plan is step number one, “I’m going to try to raise $10,000 “for the local animal shelter.” But down that road, that multiple plan, the multi-year plan could be that, “Hey, I’m going to actually start an animal shelter “or I’m going to go run the animal shelter that I’ve got in my town. That’s totally okay. You know, too often, I feel like, especially my generation, us millennials, we get so caught up in the materialistic money side of things that unfortunately, these noble causes, they’re kind of looked down upon because it’s like, well, that’s not going to make you rich. But riches aren’t everything. Sometimes just living a good, comfortable life, but knowing you’re doing good for others can be your purpose. 

One thing I want to share with you though is that your purpose –is YOUR purpose-that’s your dream. You have to own that dream and don’t let anybody else talk you out of it. The reason why I said you’ve got to be a little flexible, make a plan with a timeline, but make that plan flexible is because things are going to happen in your life. You’re going to lose grandparents, you’re going to lose parents, you’re gonna lose friends, you’re gonna lose businesses. I’ve shared this in another video, but you know, back in 2015, I was just, boom, boom, boom, I mean pumping right along, man. EasyPro was firing on all cylinders and I was speaking, and coaching, and everything was great.  I was buying real estate, and I bought this fitness center, Elite Fitness. At the time, it was called Wattsy’s House of Iron, but I had this vision, right? I had this plan that I was going to buy this fitness center and that I was going to rebrand it and just completely rebuild this thing so that it would be a cash flow machine. The problem was I didn’t stick true to my purpose and any time that I’ve really been hurt in business, it’s because I’ve strayed from my purpose. And so long story short, I ended up losing that business, a half a million dollars worth of real estate, six-figure business. It sucked, I’m not going to lie to you, but again, that’s that importance of being flexible so that in the timeline of life, when bad things happen to you, you know, it’s simply a setback, it’s not anything that’s detrimental. 

You know, very few things in this world can happen to you that will keep you from attaining your purpose. You have to realize it, like if you live to be 80 and you find your purpose at 40, you still have 40 more years to make it happen or to live that purpose out!

3.  Don’t ignore your hunches. How many times, if you’ve been to a casino, I know it’s happened to me all the time, maybe I shouldn’t say how many times. I’m not like an addictive gambler or anything, but you know, it’s like you’re walking past the roulette table. I was just in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, speaking at the nightclub and bar show and you know, Tori and I were walking past the roulette table and I was like, man, look at that run on red, I bet it’s about to go black. And I go over and look at the table and I almost put $100 down on black, but I sat there, I was like, “Ah, I’m not going to do it.” It was a hunch, right? What happens? It lands on black, I would’ve won 100 bucks. But if you ignore your hunches, you’re essentially ignoring your subconscious mind. 

Napoleon Hill talks about this a lot in his work that every person has two minds. We have the conscious mind, which is what I am right now. I’m awake, I’m consciously thinking about things. And then we have the unconscious or the subconscious mind, which is what happens when we go to sleep, our subconscious takes over. And a lot of times they say that these hunches is your subconscious mind trying to send you an idea. The point Hill talks about in “Think and Grow Rich,” the mastermind alliance and how if you can tap into the mastermind alliance, he believed that you could connect with any mind that’s ever lived. I know, kind of crazy, kind of out there, but imagine like if you just sat down and you had a common goal that say Abraham Lincoln had, even though he’s gone, you know, in theory, you could sit down and meditate and if you guys had the same thoughts, you were working on the same plans, Napoleon Hill believed that you could still tap into his mind even though it was a past mind that was here. Pretty wild stuff, I don’t know how much I believe of it, but you know, it’s kind of cool to think about. So again, don’t ignore hunches, it’s your subconscious mind trying to send you an idea. 

4.  You must wait for infinite intelligence to do its part and this is the most difficult.  I posted this on Instagram the other day, if you guys aren’t following me, it’s @DJ_Carroll or just search #CoachCarroll, but you have to be patient. You know, the hustle, the grind, that’s not the hard part of entrepreneurship, it’s really not. The most difficult part about entrepreneurship is the patience. It’s putting things into motion. It’s, you know, Andy and I are making these videos and it’s like, “Come on, man, where are the subscribers at? “Where are all the people? We want to help them. “Like come on, let’s go.” And sometimes you just have to wait for infinite intelligence-God, the universe, whatever you believe in, you have to give itself some time so that it can do the work, it can create the magic. And again, much like the gym story that I just shared with you, anytime that I’ve really tried to push on the timelines or that I’ve gotten impatient, it’s typically not went too well. 

So again, wait for infinite intelligence to do its part. 

5.  Keep your major purpose to yourself. There are people in this world that as you’re climbing up the ladder of success, they’ll walk by and just kick it over for and giggles. They don’t want to see you succeed. They’re going to push that ladder of success over just because they’re envious of mankind. Maybe they’ve made some bad choices that’s kind of pigeonholed them into their life that they’re living. And you know, the only way that they can see to speak out about that is by raining on other people’s parade.  So, you know, avoid the ladder kicker overs, if you will. But you have to understand that keeping your major purpose to yourself is super important because there are people in this world that will be envious of you.  I remember when I was little ol’ DJ graduating from high school with my Walmart push mower, my Walmart Weed Eater, and I’m out there just hustling every day, people were like, “Good for you, man. “You’re such a hard worker. We hope you make it.” “Good job, go you!” And then I started making more money than those people and now all of a sudden they went from being fans to critics, right? They started telling me like, “Well, DJ thinks he’s hot shit. “Well, DJ’s, you know, he’s just cock of the walk. “He thinks he’s some badass. “You know, he doesn’t know nothing, “he just started out mowing grass.” You have to understand that this world is full of both positive and negative and so don’t let other people’s envy of your success ruin your pursuit of your purpose. 

The only way to speak about your definite purpose is through actions and deeds. Let your actions speak for itself. After the fact, not before, don’t speak, “Oh man, I’m doing this, this, this, this, and this,” because unfortunately, 

sometimes your parents, 

unfortunately, sometimes your spouse, 

unfortunately, sometimes your best friend…

they’ll be the person that wants to kick the ladder out from underneath of you. So keep that to yourself, it’s your dream. As Brendon Burchard says, “It’s your dream, I own my dream, right?” High Performance Academy, I went to that a couple of years ago. It was a great seminar, highly recommend that, highly recommend you guys follow Brendon, a great friend of mine. He says, you know, “I own my dream.” You have to own your dream and not let anyone else take that away from you or push it away. 

6.  Leave your plan flexible. Again, things are gonna happen, life is gonna happen, unexpected occurrences or circumstances are going to happen. Be flexible. I have it in my notes that I read every morning. Be flexible like bamboo: bend, but don’t break. You have to believe in yourself even when other people don’t believe in you.  That means that when you have setbacks, you get knocked down, you have to understand that hey, just because it didn’t happen on your timeline doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen. Sometimes we got to let God work His magic, right? Or the universe work its magic, whatever your belief may be. You know, all we can do is put our free will to use and try to maximize on every hour of every day and make sure that we’re putting in our 110%.  But understand that, just because something hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean that it’ll never happen. 

I hope these six tips help you achieve your purpose in life, no matter what it may be. 

Here’s to your success.

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