Wanna Grow a Big Company? Grow Big People

Who you surround yourself with is vital to your success as a business. Finding and choosing your team can be a process, but once you have the right people in place there are no limitations to what you can accomplish.

As an entrepreneur, it is your job to grow your people. You orchestrate everything that happens inside of your business. If you want to have a big company, then you must grow big people. Here are three things I believe that you must do in order to help your people grow and in turn help your business to grow as well.

First, you must cast the vision. Remember, this is your dream coming to reality and you have to take the vision that you see and share it with your team. Don’t expect them to be mind readers. You must communicate clearly and effectively. Casting vision gives your team insight into your dream. It allows them to see and hear your passion and the why behind your business. It also allows the team to see what your company is about and what it wants to accomplish or achieve. The vision also serves as a guide for your team, like a blueprint. it is not your team’s job to come up with the vision that’s your job.

The second thing ties directly to the first. Once you have cast your vision with the team you need to learn the art of delegation. Delegation is something that proves to be difficult because his entrepreneurs we are used to depending only upon ourselves. But when you involve a team, you need to learn how to delegate. Cater to their strengths and allow them to be part of the process. You don’t have to do everything. In fact, you don’t have time to do it all. That’s why you hired a team. You picked the people on your team because of their gifts and talents so delegate tasks to the team according to those strengths and watch them take flight. Delegation gives ownership and responsibility to them. They can take ownership in their work and in your business. They are no longer just drones carrying out mundane tasks. They are part of the infrastructure.This, coupled with their passion (motivated by you!) will skyrocket the growth of your business. Delegation gives them a stake in the journey and it creates an investment opportunity for them. When they feel like they are a part of the vision and the process, they will become loyal and faithful to see it through to the end. Avoid micromanaging them and trying to put your hands on everything. That’s the point of delegation. Allow your team to rise up and show you what they’re made of without you standing over them.

Finally, in order to grow new people you want to give them opportunities develop both professionally and personally. Send them to trainings, workshops, and conferences. Again, cater to their strengths and abilities and find professional development that will enhance those things. Provide in-house training by having someone come in and work with your staff for a period of time. Make sure that any development lines up with your vision. Help them develop personally by recommending books to the group, try retreats or maybe even giveaway memberships to the gym. It could be as simple as providing a healthy lunch and having a nutritionist or trainer discuss how eating healthy and exercise will help them both personally and professionally.

You hand picked your team. By investing time and energy in connecting them to your business and helping them develop, you almost guarantee growth in all areas. Grow your people and your business will explode.

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