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Have you ever felt like you’re drawing from a black void or a dry desert when it comes to content creation? Even the most creative people sometimes struggle to have fresh, relevant content on a day to day basis. Content creation can be tough and taxing and sometimes frustrating.

Your job as a business owner or marketing director is to gain as much attention for as little money as possible. Traditional mediums are okay, but things like Instagram and Facebook blow traditional mediums out of the water. Using these social media platforms should be a priority in your marketing plan. You want to draw attention to your business and what it has to offer. Get your name out there by sharing and utilizing content created by your local scene.

Where do you get traffic? Traffic can come from places like Google, Facebook, and email lists.

As traffic builds, it gains attention. The idea behind gaining attention is that people will do business with you (and spend their money with you) because they “know” you. Remember, building rapport and relationships are vital to the life of your business.

Here’s a little hack I’ve learned to gain attention from your local audiences:

  • Go to your local pages and try to find information that will reach a large audience. Try places like local news stations, your favorite local restaurants, businesses you already network with, local event pages (think festivals, gatherings, etc) One thing I have tried is to post all of the holiday festivals and events that take place in October, November, and December in our area.
  • Share the content to your business Facebook page or your Instagram. Use the information that has already been created (like hashtags for instance) and re-post them.
  • Create engagement by asking a question or making a statement about the shared information
  • Remember, shared info and posts don’t always have to be “business” related. We don’t always have to be so “pitchy.” You can make connections by getting involved in your local scene and what’s going on around you.
  • Create a set of hashtags to use with your posts. People search by hashtags, so it’s an easy way to connect you to what’s going on.

Curating content in this way saves you time, effort, energy, and money! Organic content like this doesn’t cost you anything and is a good way to get attention to your business.

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