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In order for anything to grow, it must be fed. Babies, animals, plants, even natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes. Fear and passion grow when they are fed, too. You have to choose which one you are going to feed.

It’s easy to feed fear. Our mind takes care of that for us. We fear the unknown. We fear failure. We fear not being “good enough.” Fear feeds on itself. You imagine every possible “worst case scenario” and then it happens…you’re paralyzed. And above you is this massive cloud of fear mixed with doubt that continues to grow with every passing day. If you let it, it will keep you trapped there. The paralysis keeps you from doing anything. Your dreams and goals start to fade because you simply can’t move past the fear.

I posted a video recently that said this, “The bigger the fear, the greater the impact.” The things that we are most afraid of doing have the potential to make the greatest impact, not just in our lives, but the lives of the people and communities around us. That’s why we have to learn to step into the fear and begin to feed our passions.

Our dreams and passions deserve to be fed. They deserve to be poured into. Our very purpose and destiny is tied up in our passions, so why should we let fear drown them out? I don’t want to live my life ruled by fear. I want my passions to drive me to be the best version of myself and to fulfill what I was created to do. Feed your passions daily. Do things that are hard and that you are afraid to do. Push yourself to do the things that breech your comfort zone. Take part in things you enjoy and that you love to do. It doesn’t all have to be business related, but I can guarantee that when you are feeding your passions, it will overflow into all areas of your life; personal and business. Feed your passions so that they grow bigger than the fear. Then you will find yourself living, not just a good life, but a fulfilled life.

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