Environmental Issues

Environmental issues can make or break your business…and I am not talking about global warming. I am talking about the created atmosphere of your work space. Whether your office is at home or an actual office building, you have to create a space that people (mainly you) want to be in. The environment you surround yourself and your team with is so important. You need a space that is conducive for success. There are both physical and cultural things you can do to create a space that encourages creativity and productivity.

Put some visual things in your space to motivate and inspire. Posters, wall hangings, anything that pushes you to go the next step. Have items that spark your focus like goal boards, calendars, build outs, etc that help you focus on the task before you. Organization will be really important for both motivation and focus. Having a place for things and keeping your space decluttered will increase productivity and help you be able to find what you need.

Outside of physical things around you, there are things that can be part of your company culture that also help to create an environment that people want to be part of. Train your people to be income producing machines. Cater to their gifts and talents and allow them to take ownership in the company. Make every position an income generator. Encourage both professional and personal development to aid in their growth. Find the positive in every situation and use setbacks as educational opportunities. Build relationships with your team and draw out their strengths. Create a space that they want to be part of and work in.

Don’t let environmental issues create a disconnect you from your focus and vision. Create a place where people want to work, want to be creative, and want to be productive.

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