Being Unique: Life and Death in Business

 pressure, right? How can you ensure that your business is going to survive in a marketplace? It boils down to making the decision and working towards being unique, standing out, being outside the “norm.”

What does it mean to be unique? The dictionary defines unique as “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” If you are entering any marketplace, it is necessity to make your business stand out from the rest or you’ll just get lost in the mix.

Reality is, there are tons of businesses out there. Not many people invent something brand new-they just have a new spin on an old idea. It doesn’t matter if you are service-based or product based, ideas usually circulate around each other.

So, what makes you stand out from all the other businesses out there? What makes you different from the next “Joe Schmo”? If there is nothing that makes you stand out, then why would people choose you over someone else? Some would say that it’s all about pricing, but that’s not always true. Price doesn’t matter if you can deliver the value. If you’ve seen my YouTube video or read my previous blog on “Overcoming Objections,” you know that you can overcome the objection of money if you can show them the value. If a potential client says that your product or service is “too expensive” you just haven’t shown them the value.

You have to figure out how to stand out and make people WANT to choose you and your business. It could be as simple as the colors you choose for envelopes or mailers or it could be the idea of over-delivering and going beyond their expectations.

Don’t just be another name on a Google search. Do the work needed to make sure that you are always the first pick. Make your business distinguishable from the others in your field and then deliver on the value!

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