Your Environment Impacts Your Outcome

“Create an environment that makes you produce more than you’ve ever produced in your life. Create an environment and be in an environment that smells and tastes and feels like money. “

Environment is important!!  If you guys have been following me for a while you know how important I talk about environment being and you in the video you can see my scenery’s a little different here.  So basically it comes down to this is that we’re in the new office. I got another fluorescent light over my shiny ass head just like at the other place but you have to understand this.  I took a a $300 startup to over $3 million in top line revenue consulted. And then I went and bought this gym that was failing and going under. Tripled membership. Sold it. I literally can morph into whatever the environment is and you need to be able to do that same thing right? Because business is f*cking tough. 

Everybody wants to walk around right now and like “Oh, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a CEO and a business owner. I’m a business man. Unless you’re making money you aren’t sh*t, right? You’re playing. You probably should’ve stayed at your job. You’re probably putting your family through more headache and pain and misery than they should deserve to be going through. And I would question your sanity, but maybe your environment’s not right. Maybe you haven’t surrounded yourself with the things that motivate you, keep you focused. I keep things around me like a goal board and a hit list.  And you know for the past I’d say-month-I’m in the middle of offices switching offices or moving EasyPro from one to the other. We’re switching the media company…everything.

Your environment is so important and today when I got to sit down here everything’s working.  I get to actually work in my office. There’s something about the way that I feel and how I feel when I’m here. So I would challenge you if you’re that guy that’s trying to be that that home-based business, not having any employees-look-I almost f*cking slipped back into that sh*t. When we were relocating I’m like man I don’t even think I want any employees, but you have to understand you can’t do it all. You can’t grow your business without other people. So I challenge you instead of being aggravated about employees create an environment that is conductive for success for everybody. Create an environment that makes you produce more than you’ve ever produced in your life. Create an environment and be in an environment that smells and tastes and feels like money.

 As my buddy Grant Cardone says, “We’re in a hurry to help people.” Love that line. Train your people to to be income producing machines. Because here’s the thing-I used to always think that there was like three parts of business.  There was administration, operations, and sales and marketing. Sales and marketing brought the money in. Operations made the money. And administrations is the one that f*cking sucked all the backend out before we had our net profit at the bottom. But then I thought-wait a minute. Maybe I’m just running a f*cking broke model that college taught me about. So now everybody produces income or they don’t work here.

 Your environment is important. Are you in an environment that that produces revenue out of every position? Are you in an environment that makes you feel positive? Are you in an environment that creates those relationships and creates that synergy that everybody wants to do better? Cause if your not you’ve got some work to do.

Here’s to your success. 

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