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With lots of company moving their advertising dollars to the digital space, we see more and more businesses trying to maximize the most bang for their buck for their organic content. Before I tell you some tips on how to gain free organic content, let’s make sure that we understand the difference between the two.

Organic content is simply when you go and make a post on your social media profiles, like Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, and it only is going to show to the people that currently follow your page, or the platform that you’re on. So if you have 330 people that like your Facebook page, you go and make a post, only a small percentage of those 330 people are actually going to see that post when they’re scrolling through their timeline.

On the other side of it is paid ads. Paid ads is actually where you pay the platform to inject your posts into the stream. So, as I’m scrolling, I may not follow your page, but as I’m scrolling, because I am the target demographic, you’ve paid Facebook and they’re going to inject that post into my stream here.

So, let’s get on to some tips you can use to get some free organic content, because, let’s face it, I mean, it’s expensive. If you wanna have a full-time person, that’s only in charge of making content, it’s not cheap, especially if you want it to look good. But here’s the thing, there are ways to get free organic content, and the first one is your local news stations. So go to the Facebook or Instagram profile of your local news stations. And yes, most of it is doom and gloom, but you’ll find some community service centered stories or something about someone giving back to the community. Those are great pieces of content to share to your platform. You can do this a couple of ways. So you can just share the whole entire post, or you can take the creative, like the story, copy the link, and then do your own little write up and post it with the link on your social media platforms. So that’s one big tip to where you literally can go find a free piece of content every single day.

Secondly is going live at community events. And this one is huge. I often tell my clients that sponsor a small community event, like a barbecue  cookout or the blues festival in your town. If you’re going to spend the money to set up a booth and have your business there and put your face on the event and being rubbing elbows and shaking babies, or however that saying goes… You have to also realize you can really maximize the juice by opening up your phone and going live on Facebook, or on Instagram, while you’re at the event. At the event, the other people that are there will see you, right. That’s why you paid to be at the event. But some people may not even come to the blues festival, however, they may see your video because you’re at the blues festival. So now that’s a way that you can live in both worlds.

I talk about this a lot, how there’s two simultaneous worlds that are going on at any given time. There’s the real one, which I’m in now writing this blog post, but then there’s the online, which is what you’re in, reading this post. So, there’s two simultaneous worlds going on at the same time. Anytime you can use social media to interject those two together, it’s a great, great concept to use to maximize some more free organic content.

Lastly, probably one of the coolest ways to do it is just to collaborate. Find other social media people. Find other content creators. Find somebody that has a podcast, and if you have a podcast, you can switch back and forth. They can be your guests, you can be their guests, and it’s a way to kind of trade out content to each other. You can make a post, they can make a post. And it’s just a really nice way to work harmoniously together with other people that may be in your community, or maybe in your same field, to help you maximize the output of content on social media.

Listen, there’s no changing the direction that we’re going, okay. Social media is it. Our paid advertising clients literally reach hundreds of thousands of people per month, and they’re small little local communities. Social media is a huge benefit if you’re a business owner or if you’re a salesperson to really help you maximize the reach to people because contacts equal contracts. Here’s to your success.



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