Overreact, Over Commit, Over Produce

If you don’t overreact and over commit to be successful, it will never happen. Day in and day out you have to make sure you are going the extra mile. How much greater would the world would be if everyone worked 12 hour shifts? I mean like really producing. What if everyone was producing 12 hours a day? Most people work 8 hours shifts…and they are not grinding it out for 8 hours, either. Reality is, we only produce for about 5 hours a day. Out of a 24 period, we’re only producing 5. You’re not over committing or overreacting.

You need to be out there hustling and working towards your goals and wanting to achieve and obtain levels of success that you are meant to obtain and achieve. Go against the stigma that “good enough” is okay. Straight BS. It’s shoved down our throats by the media that we are supposed to be okay with “good enough,” with working 8 hours a day, barely having enough, and barely getting by. We should be satisfied with what we can do because it’s “good enough”. Society’s mindset is that we should get married, have kids, and living our 40 hour a week lifestyle. You’re not buying a jets with that. You’re not going on vacation around the world with that mentality.

Nobody achieves a high level of success by working 40 hours a week. But that’s the stigma. Stop being a sheep. There is only so much time. You have to be serious about this every single day of your life. Think about it. We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even the next moment. I don’t want to just wait for a paycheck on Friday-I want to get paid every day!

I play by a different set of rules and you should too. Play by your own set rules. Society wants you to be a worker bee instead of going out and starting your own company. You must overreact, over commit, and overproduce to be successful.

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