If You Wanna be Successful…You’ve Got to FOCUS!

FOCUS is defined as “the center of interest or activity”

I want you to think for just a second…What are you focused on? What has dominated your time and energy today? This week? This month? This year?

Probably not what you thought it would be or even what it SHOULD be. We get so scatterbrained on too many ideas. It’s the nature of the beast as an entrepreneur. But when we do this we lose focus. The only way to be successful is to have laser sharp focus on whatever it is that you’re working on. When you are focused you are excelling and performing at a whole new level.

Although it has proven to be one of our greatest tools the cell phone has been the worst thing to happen to our focus. So many people are reactive. You feel the need to check out every “ding” you hear, every notification that comes across your screen. And God forbid you see that little orange bubble on your Facebook or Instagram icon! When you need to focus your cell phone needs to be silent…that’s right I said it…SILENT.

When you break focus you lose sight of what you are working on and then have to re-focus again. How much time are you wasting in a day because you are constantly stopping and starting? Multi-tasking does not make you more efficient-in fact it can have adverse effects on what you are working on.

To grow focus you have to build it up and go for extended periods of time. Try these tips:

  1. Turn your cell phone to silent for a period of time while you focus on the task at hand. Don’t answer calls, respond to text messages or notifications.
  2. Give yourself time to think and get creative with the project at hand. Go for a walk to clear your head or just find some alone time.
  3. Eliminate any distractions around you for a period of time. A distraction can be anything that draws your focus away from the task at hand.

Remember to keep your focus where it needs to be and you’ll find at the end of the day you’ve gotten more accomplished than you thought possible!!

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