Episode 405: Sell More by Mastering the Art of Speech

The $9 phrase that will change the way you handle your next sales call...

Welcome to The Sales Factory Season 4 Episode 405.  This episode features Richard Blank, CEO of the Costa Rica Call Center.  Richard grew up in Philly, studied languages and communications. He also studied rhetoric, body language, and phonetics with a focus in public speaking that he uses to help entrepreneurs and speakers.

"The Art of Speech...be a painting not a print."

This episode features Richard’s invaluable tips on how to use phonetic micro expression reading to enhance your phone calls and sales. 

  1. How to tell if someone is lying (even when you can’t see them).
  2. How to ask for clarification.
  3. How to use tone, rate, pitch, duration indicators.
  4. How to use pin down questions, confirmation, transitions, and name-dropping.

Plus SO much more!

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