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Mike was one of my very first mentors and actually the guy that taught me the pressure washing business. So, it’s always kind of cool to run ideas by him. We were talking about pricing at lunch, and he had mentioned something to me that he told me a long time ago. A lot of times people are afraid to price things. I’ve talked about this in other videos, about selling with your wallet, your own wallet. It’s like, “Well, I would never pay for that,” or “I could never afford that. No one’s going to pay for it.” And it’s just simply not true. And so Mike, he always says, you know, “McDonald’s makes $900 an hour and they have a dollar menu.” So, don’t let your preconceived notions keep you from charging what you need to charge, because you’ll be surprised that most clients will pay for it.  

Hustle it’s worth it!

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