5 Ways to Make New Connections

Making connections is super important no matter if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in business, sales, and honestly just in general life. I’m really seeing a trend, honestly, with just the younger generations, that they’re afraid to talk to people. We live buried in our phones. So today I’m going to give you five ways to make new connections.

#1. Just pick up the phone and reach out to people.

You can make new connections just by calling on people. I know that it’s an old tactic and people are like, “Oh, cold calling, that sounds awful.” But if you can get your mindset right you will think of it less like a burden or more of a powerful tool. My YouTube channel has lots of content on cold calling so be sure to check those out. Being able to pick up the phone and call someone and just say, “Hey, I’d like to stop by and see you. I’d like to maybe go grab some coffee or, or meet for lunch.” It’s a great way to make connections.

#2. Send cold emails.

The great thing about email is there’s this thing called BCC, blind carbon copy. You can send one email, literally, to hundreds of people and it’ll look like you’re sending it individually. If you’re afraid to get on the phone, maybe you could do emails.

#3. Engage with your social media following.

Go find other like-minded people out there in the social media stratosphere and leave comments, like their post, share it. It doesn’t cost you anything, but now you’re on their radar, but like, asterisk – don’t send direct messages that are spammy as s***. I hate it. I really don’t even get on LinkedIn anymore because five out of every six messages are like, “Hey, buy my crap.” No relationship established whatsoever. Those people are how not to make connections.

#4. Get out in the community.

Join chamber of commerce. Join your local associations. My companies are a member of several associations, like the apartment association, we’re a member of the “Big I”, which is the independent insurance, chamber of commerce. I used to be in the rotary club. You can get out and network and meet people to make new connections.

#5. Ask your friends who they know.

Go through your friends and simply ask for a referral. The way I asked for referrals goes something like, “Hey, who’s two other people that could utilize our service,” right? Ask your friends you already have. “Hey man, who’s somebody that you know that I should meet?” Who should I go have breakfast with?” You don’t even need these relationships to be super strong to make an impact. I literally played golf the other day with an oral surgeon, and when we got back to the clubhouse, he was like, “Oh, that’s Rick and that’s Billy and that’s Bobby, and he does XYZ, and this guy does that. That dude just sold his trucking company.” Like, people are willing to help you connect, you just have to be willing to get out of your shell.

So hopefully you can use these five tips to create new connections and go out there and grow your network so that you can grow your net worth. And as always, hustle it's worth it!



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